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What is an oral cleanser?

Just as you cleanse your face to remove daily dirt and impurities, an oral cleanser gently cleanses your mouth, removing debris and buildup from your teeth and gums.

But, an oral cleanser does more than just clean your mouth. It also nourishes and strengthen your teeth and gums by containing premium vitamins and minerals that are essential for supporting your mouth’s natural defence system.

How does the oral cleanser whiten teeth?

Nano-hydroxyapatite has small enough particles to fill in the surface scratches in enamel. This repairs the tooth’s surface but also gives the appearance of whiter and brighter teeth - A great way to achieve natural whitening without using peroxide.

What are you doing for sustainability?

ABOUT28 is created with the environment in mind. Our shipping boxes and tapes are made of recycled materials, the ink & stickers are environmentally friendly, the tubes biodegradable and our products not tested on animals.

Our products are made in Australia which also means a lighter carbon footprint in getting them to you.

What’s so great about 10% Hydroxyapatite?

Studies by Schlagenhauf et al (2019) proved that hydroxyapatite is comparable to the remineralising
power of fluoride but only at 10%.

Sadly, most other hydroxyapatite toothpastes currently available have much less than this meaning that the benefit may be low.

We also believe in total transparency. Whereas other brands keep their concentration as “trade secrets”, we believe you deserve to know what’s going into
your mouth.

How do biodegradable tubes work?

With extensive testing laboratory trials we know that our tubes will biodegrade in landfill in an estimated 6-10 years. Not only will it break down to only soil and air, it also leaves no microplastics behind. 

Our biodegradable packaging is still fully curbside recyclable so it can be repurposed again.

Why aren’t all toothpaste tubes biodegradable? We ask that same question too - the simple answer is that it’s expensive to create, but it matters to us.

How is the subscription calculated?

The subscription is calculated by the average person taking approximately 40 days to finish one tube.

We offer two subscription packages depending on the amount of people in your household. At this time, subscriptions are unable to be customised.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription,  please send an email to 10 business days before your next supply is due to ship. Once confirmed, your cancellation will be effective immediately.

Is it suitable for children?

All of ABOUT28 products are safe for children of all ages. Due to only including safe-to-swallow & food-grade ingredients there are no age limits at all.

Just remember to use only a smear for small children. You don't need much!

Brushing without rinsing also allows for the active ingredients to absorb into your enamel for longer, making it more effective. You may rinse if desired.

Why does it cost more than regular toothpaste?

Other than the fact there’s nothing regular about it… Our oral cleanser contains premium ingredients such as vitamin, minerals and probiotics that don’t usually feature in everyday toothpastes.

It’s created in smaller batches which leads to higher production costs and small supply. It's produced right here in Australia and all our packaging is sustainable and recyclable, which is expensive, but important.

The good news is that high clinical concentrations mean more of the active ingredients, but also that you need only a small amount, which makes it cost effective in the long run.

Where does the name ‘ABOUT28’ come from?

The name ‘ABOUT28’ was inspired by two main factors: the number of ingredients in the very first formula, and the average number of teeth in an adult mouth. Clever, huh?

The alternative name was ‘This is a Very Awesome Toothpaste That You Absolutely Should Use’… it just wasn’t quite as memorable.